3D Terrain Modelling

3D Modelling

Only a few years ago, undertaking 3D  modelling on any scale was a stressful, time-consuming, and arduous task that often produced unfortunately disappointing or inadequate results. Taking your landscape analysis into the third dimension and getting it to a level of accuracy and detail that is truly meaningful used to be something that many businesses and organizations could only dream of, as any type of aerial 3D terrain modelling was prohibitively costly or outright unfeasible for technical and logistical reasons. Today, Hovercam is proud to present a novel, breathtaking approach to three dimensional modelling through the use of our sophisticated UAVs, or drones.


What does 3D terrain modelling entail?

Three dimensional terrain modelling goes by several other names, such as digital elevation modelling (DEM), digital surface modelling (DSM), and digital terrain modelling (DTM). It involves the meticulous mapping of each and every major and minor feature of a particular area when it comes to elevation, terrain peculiarities, dimensions and so on and so forth. Without the use of UCAV drones, such work would take weeks, if not months, even for the smallest surface area. Our 3D terrain modelling drones allow you to have the data at your disposal within only a few hours, as we use state of the art technology for collecting and analyzing DEM/DSM/DTM information.


Why Hovercam?

As the world of UAVs becomes more and more within the reach of individuals and organizations throughout the world, many novice and freelancer service providers for 3D terrain modelling are bound to appear. What makes Hovercam services stand out is the sheer scope of our experience, the efficiency with which we can get you the full set of data, and the cutting edge technology that we use in our work. Have a digital surface modelling job that needs to be done? Contact our certified and trusted experts today to discuss the details of your project!



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