Geospatial Data Extraction

Geospatial Data Extraction

Just as the advent of higher quality video and photo materials, in its own time, led to the ubiquitous presence of frequently incoherent and disconnected imagery in the materials of organizations and business, so does the advent of aerial photography, drone imaging, and geospatial information have the potential of causing an information overload on that front. It is important to note that without geospatial data extraction and analysis, even the highest level of aerial photos obtained from an aircraft or an UAV would be useless. At Hovercam, we take our work with drones seriously, which is why our scope of services includes quality and efficient geospatial data extraction.


What is geospatial data extraction?

A drone, plane or satellite can now obtain a high resolution aerial shot of any area within a short timeframe. This can then be used for a variety of reasons, including location finding, progress reporting and so on and so forth. The catch is – without geospatial data extraction by a team of professionals in the field, this would only be a flat and meaningless image that could be used for a desktop background or as an element of design. Without data extraction, you and your organization would not be able to find this information useful, as the computers, GPS and other systems would not see any anchors in the data to communicate with or link to. Geospatial data extraction gives you and your team an understanding of what it is you have an image of, and makes integration of this data into your workflow seamless. At Hovercam, we take pride in taking drone imaging to the next level. Our state of the art UAVs are equipped with the latest technology, while our data analysis and presentation capabilities are unmatched among our competitors. We look forward to serving your business needs in the near future!


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