Georeferenced Orthophotos

Georeferenced Orthophotos

Long gone are the days when an aerial photo was permitted to be blurry, obstructed by cloud cover, made at an uncomfortable or unconventional angle, and therefore not altogether useful. In the earlier period of flyover photography and UAV photography, many of these downsides were ignored or tolerated in the name of having some kind of aerial photos at all. Today, with the development of georeferenced orthophotos made possible by breakthroughs in geospatial data processing and analysis, Hovercam offers a new level of service that doesn’t allow for low levels of usability. We understand that you seek perfection and hold yourself and your contractors to the highest standards – aerial photography doesn’t have to be an exception to this rule.

What are georeferenced orthophotos and how are they different?

By definition, taking photographs from the air is extremely difficult in terms of preserving scale and angle stability. With georeferenced orthophotos, however, the camera tilt, light and lens distortion, and other potential pitfalls are avoided or mitigated through compensatory adjustments and alignments, as well as post-production software analysis. The distances are made uniform and correctly representative of true distances on the ground. Landscape features, such as elevation changes, are taken into account. Taking it yet another step forward, the Hovercam georeferenced orthophotos drones automatically link the information to GIS data, which makes it simple to transform and use the data in a variety of formats and platforms going forward. Instead of receiving a pile of photos taken at different angles and in different conditions, when working with the Hovercam team of true professionals you get top quality usable product that is as close to perfection as modern technological advances would allow. Do you have questions about our orthophoto services? Get in touch with our experts today. We are confident that we can work together for the benefit of your organization or business.


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