Topographic Maps

Topographic Maps

Since ancient times, people have been interested in mapping out the most minute geographical features of the land around them. This was done for a variety of reasons, including military conquest, agricultural development, and the quest for natural resources. Before the age of flight, the creation of topographic maps involved a lot of footwork on the ground, detailed measurements that were often repetitive in order to provide greater accuracy, and drastic attempts to negate the effects of weather, the human factor, and incompatibility of the systems of measure. As aerial topographic maps became more and more a regular feature of our civilization, trust levels in this method of creation of the necessary materials have grown exponentially, and yet aerial topographic maps have remained cost prohibitive until only a few years ago – and if there were any doubts, usually the expenses necessary to provide an additional fly-over of a particular area forced decision makers to tolerate possible mistakes and inconsistencies.

A new way to create topographic maps

Enter Hovercam. We are proud to present our state of the art UAVs to the successful completion of any topographic project at hand. With drone technology, you no longer have to rely on the pilots to conduct the work. Tiredness, boredom, the weather, and other distractions no longer play a role as our drones are operated remotely by top tier professionals in the industry. Your aerial topographic maps are created on the go through the implementation of data analysis software that leaves competition far behind. Put your trust in the Hovercam service to receive the most detailed, multi-faceted, accurate, reliable and attractive maps possible. Not even the slightest change in elevation will escape the instruments on board our UAVs – see for yourself today! Hovercam truly brings topography into the 21st century.




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