Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Some types of technology have a futuristic or out of this world feel even when they have been around for more than a decade as something accessible and available to anyone that requires their implementation on their specific project. The creation of digital elevation models (DEMs), in spite of them being a service now provided by Hovercam to businesses in Canada and beyond, still seems to be more something that is done by NASA or the ESA on Mars or Pluto rather than a construction site or natural resources prospecting area here on Earth. The Hovercam team of professionals is proud to add the digital elevation model, this breakthrough cutting edge service, to the toolbox of services available to your organization or business today. A DEM no longer needs to be something only a handful of people can access.


What is a DEM?

Constructing a digital elevation model used to take as long as several months. Today, our state of the art DEM drones are capable of collecting the necessary data, analyze it to the most minute level of detail, and building the digital elevation model within a much more realistic and efficient timeframe. Even the most inaccessible vast areas can now be viewed and transformed into the model through the use of our UAVs, unmanned aerial vehicles, equipped with the most sophisticated equipment on the market. Various types of radar, video cameras, and other instruments can be fitted onto the drones to collect the data scope required in your particular digital elevation model. This cutting edge technology is then paired with the fastest analysis software to deliver the best results in the shortest possible time. Whatever your specific needs, we are confident that Hovercam’s DEM service offering will not leave you disappointed: contact our expert team today to discuss the project!


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