Analysis of Biodiversity

Analysis of Biodiversity

Analysis of Biodiversity

Here at Hovercam, our team of professionals is always looking for innovative ways to put drone technology to good practical use. While such uses as public building inspection and 3D modelling by UAVs have attracted more attention in recent years, another application – analysis of biodiversity – has been left out of the spotlight. This is, however, an area of drone use that offers great potential for growth and development, and Hovercam experts are proud to be at the cutting edge of it. Given the increasing public interest in the issues of environmental protection, climate change, and the impact of human industrial civilization onto the world around us, we see the analysis of biodiversity as an important and intriguing sphere to employ unmanned aerial vehicles for the common good.


What is analysis of biodiversity and how can it be done with a drone?

While the expansion of our transportation and communications networks has meant easier access to almost any corner of the planet, it has also come at a high price to the habitats of numerous plants, animals, and entire complex ecosystems. Wandering into such habitats on food or vehicle in order to conduct analysis of biodiversity would partially destroy the purpose of the expedition, while the use of drones for these aims offers a harmless, efficient, safe, and non-disruptive alternative. Our state of the art UAVs are capable of assisting in the analysis of biodiversity by collecting data that would otherwise be unobtainable or corrupted. Given that a drone doesn’t change the environment around it, our experts are able to send this new technology to conduct biodiversity analysis in heretofore uncharted territory, with great results. Do you have questions about the use of UAVs for the analysis of biodiversity? Get in touch with our certified and highly qualified team today.


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