Hovercam - UAV

We offer services tailored to your market.

At Hovercam, we understand that our drone services may be needed for a variety of reasons by companies and organizations coming from different spheres of work. This is why we have a wide service offering to meet the requirements of every type of customer.

  • Forestry

    Increasingly, forestry clients turn to Hovercam for top level UAV imaging services that include digital elevation modelling, normalized difference vegetation index and georeferenced orthophotos. Only through cutting edge technology and instruments employed in our drones can the most accurate and useful information be collected and analysed for the benefit of the forestry clients. We look forward to serving your organization as well.

  • Inspections

    Inspecting a tall or otherwise inaccessible structure on foot is always a daunting task. With our drone vertical inspection services, however, clients can be confident they are receiving the highest level of data that is processed and analyzed efficiently and to the best possible standards. Equipped with additional instruments, our UAVs can provide much more than a simple visual inspection. Diverse layers of information can be added to the geospatial data collected.

  • Environment

    At Hovercam, we understand the importance your company or organization places on the protection of the environment and minimizing the footprint you make onto the surrounding flora and fauna. At the same time, efforts to safeguard the environment are often made difficult by inaccessibility of an area or the undesirability of disturbing the habitat of animals. With our UAV services, analysis of biodiversity and monitoring of habitat changes is made simple and safe. Contact us today for more information.